Principal's Message

It is the mission of the Roy W. Brown Middle School faculty and staff to guide students toward personal and societal goals, including academic achievement and independence, which will enable them to become contributing members of our school and community and will prepare them for higher education, as well as endeavors beyond the classroom. The dedicated and talented staff members at RWB are committed to establishing structured learning opportunities designed to develop the academic, social, emotional, and physical growth of students in grades 6 through 8. Accordingly, the majority of the adolescents are grouped in academic teams, allowing core-subject area teachers to create interdisciplinary approaches to content study and uniform expectations for student conduct. All courses, regardless of the level, address the Common Core Standards and reinforce basic skills, stimulate critical thinking, promote self-confidence, and improve scholastic independence. Furthermore, a variety of exploratory programs are offered during the school day, including those in the areas of Art, Civics, Business of Journalism, Life Skills, Music, Seminar, and World Language. The renowned Music Department also encourages participation in its Band, Choral, and Orchestral ensembles.

Technology is infused throughout all curriculums in a variety of ways. Currently, every academic classroom is outfitted with a SmartBoard and teachers utilize the interactive boards regularly to enhance learning and bring lessons to life. Additionally, there are more than 12 carts housing nearly 300 laptops, as well as 81 desktops plus the one in every classroom, all available for student use. Three neo-carts and 240 responders were also added as part of our commitment to Renaissance Learning. A number of televisions and laptops with projector connections consistently add to the educational experience of the children at RWB.

Students are assessed regularly through class discussion, written assignments, creative projects, focused examinations, as well as district and state standardized tests. Monitoring of such can be done by viewing information through continuous updates in Infinite Campus via the Parent Portal, information and announcements, quarterly progress reports, quarterly report cards, Renaissance Learning Home Connect, and contact with teachers and counselors. Teachers, individually and as club advisors, are available for extra help before and after school. Members of the Guidance Department and Child Study Team are always ready and willing to assist with any need or decision. The Intervention and Referral Services Committee (I&RS), too, works with teachers, students, and families to create a positive learning environment for all.

Roy W. Brown Middle School proudly offers a wide array of extra-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the community service and school leadership opportunities available through the Bears Club and Student Council. The Interscholastic Sports Program, including soccer, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, track, and softball, allows for team competition between the RWB students and those in surrounding towns. Students may also contribute to the School Newspaper and/or the Yearbook. Clubs for Multi-cultural Awareness, Debate, and Drama also exist for the middle school students. None of the aforementioned activities would be possible without the time and energy supplied by the teacher advisors and coaches.

Another very significant component of the middle school years is the relationship between school and home. The faculty and administration of Roy W. Brown are committed to working collaboratively with parents and families. The Parents’ Association has been a tremendous asset to the school in terms of planning a variety of student functions, voicing questions and concerns, participating in the decision-making process, and fundraising to provide financial backing. The constant support of the PA is greatly appreciated.

The lines of communication are always open and ideas and suggestions are always welcome. Working together is sure to make the 2014-2015 school year an exciting and productive one.

With bear pride,

Shana L. Wright