Principal's Message

Dear Parent/Guardian,
I am very pleased to join the Franklin School community of learners as your Interim Principal. As I have familiarized myself with the school in the last several weeks, I have been impressed by our dedicated faculty's high degree of professionalism. Not only are they skilled classroom teachers, but they also truly care about your children. At the same time, I see how wonderful you parents are, sending your children to school ready to learn. Clearly, this partnership between home and school bears bountiful fruit. Franklin is, indeed, an excellent school.
I come to Franklin, I come to you, as a veteran elementary school educator. I taught children in all grades, K-5, before moving on to a twenty-year-long career as a principal here in Bergen County. I believe strongly that schools must for children and faculty be safe places in which learning is the top priority, and also that they should engender joy and excitement within and outside of their walls. As members of these school communities, we must celebrate each other's successes, small or large. I know firsthand that Franklin is just such a community.
I am honored to be your principal and am encouraged daily by the support of Dr. Kuchar and my other administrative colleagues, as well as by the Board of Education, whose members work on behalf of your children throughout the year. In this spirit, I pledge to work tirelessly to foster a safe, familial atmosphere here at Franklin and to ensure that we move instruction and learning ever forward, ever upward. Your children deserve nothing less.
You will come to know that I am a very accessible, hands-on leader. I ask you to do me the favor of saying "hello" when you see me, reaching out via email, or calling me should you ever need assistance.
Let us work together to ensure that Franklin School continues to build on its foundation--its tradition--of success, as a place in which school and home come together to benefit our students!
Sincerely yours,
Scott Ryan