Principal's Message

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am very pleased to join the Franklin School community of learners as its new Principal. I have heard so many positive statements regarding the students, the parents and the staff of Franklin School and I am truly looking forward to this school year. I have met the staff and I see their commitment to ensure an excellent education for all students and we will accomplish this task by providing rigorous lessons and instruction that will bring out the greatness that dwells within all of them. Our mission is to encourage and educate students to be confident, knowledgeable, responsible and productive citizens in an ever changing world. With collaboration from parents, staff and community stakeholders, together we will enable and empower our students to be successful and exceed all academic expectations placed upon them while establishing an environment that is nurturing, orderly and safe for all persons.

I believe that “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students”. As the school year progresses, you will come to realize that I am your child’s biggest advocate here in the school. I will work tirelessly to ensure that they are welcomed here and will provide an atmosphere that is positive, caring and focused on learning, which are my top priorities. Their journey will be one that I truly hope they will enjoy and look forward to on a day to day basis.

Parents you play such an integral part of this journey. I ask that each day you take time to discuss the day your children had at school. To review homework with them and to ensure that they get enough sleep and are prepared for the challenges that awaits them during the next school day. I ask the students to come to school each day with their minds and thoughts set for learning, to be ready for the aforementioned challenges that will await them at Franklin.

Let us all work together to ensure a great school year, my door is open, ideas are welcomed and I again look forward to a great school year.

Everett B. Thompson