• World Cultures Celebrates - World Peace Day On September 21st

    On Wednesday, September 21st the world will be celebrating International Peace Day. This day was founded in 1999 by a filmmaker named Jeremy Gilley. His goal was to have a global day of peace and non-violence, where countries all over the world agree to get along. The World Cultures teachers will be working on a “Peace Quilt” that will contain a “patch” made by each of the students signifying what peace means to them. The quilt will be displayed in the school on September 21st along with a Peace Pledge that the students will recite. We are asking you and your students wear blue on Wednesday, September 21st in honor of International Peace Day. We have also attached a copy of the “Peace Pledge” for you. Click the title to read more.

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  • The Dream Rocket Project

    Celebrating America’s next giant leap, interplanetary travel, first through fifth grade students at Hoover Elementary School in Bergenfield, NJ, helped create a 2’ x 2’ acrylic painting for the Dream Rocket Project, which will be one of 8000 squares in a very long quilt that will wrap around a replica of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) Rocket, celebrating NASA’s dream of going to Mars and beyond in the not too distant future. According to NASA, their “dream rocket”, the SLS-Orion rocket combo is, “America’s new heavy-lift rocket … the largest launch vehicle ever built and more powerful than the Saturn V rocket that carried Apollo astronauts to the moon”. Flight tests begin in two years with missions to Mars and beyond planned for the mid 2030s. A synergy of art and science in the penumbra of interplanetary travel, the massive, quilt-wrapped replica of the SLS Dream Rocket will eventually be put on temporary exhibit in various locations as it tours the United States.

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  • 2014-2015 AAA Traffic Safety Poster Contest

    Hoover Elementary School fourth grader, Megan Santos, captured Second Place in the 2014-2015 AAA Traffic Safety Poster Contest. Over 1,400 posters were sent in to AAA from all over northern NJ. The safety slogan that Megan needed to illustrate was “Getting to School Safely”. Charlene Anolik, Megan’s art teacher explained that the AAA Traffic Safety Poster Contest is extremely competitive, making Megan’s win very impressive. A representative from AAA will come to Hoover Elementary School on May18th to present Megan with a certificate and cash award.

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  • Fair Housing Poster Contest

    Hoover School, fourth grader, Mehak Imran, captured 2nd Place in the competitive, Northern Bergen County Community Resource Board’s, Fair Housing Poster Contest. Mehak will be awarded a certificate and cash prize at the award ceremony at the Hackensack Recreation Center in May.

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  • "My County" Poster Contest

    The winners of the annual, “My County” Poster Contest, open to all Bergen County fourth graders were announced last Friday, on May 1st, 2015 during an elaborate, Law Day celebration on the steps of the Bergen County Superior Court House. The contest was sponsored by Bergen County Clerk, John S. Hogan, who presented the awards, as well as the Bergen County Sheriff Michael Sardino and Bergen County Surrogate Michael R. Dressler. Hoover Elementary School’s Nashrah Ahsan, captured the First Place Award in the “My County” Poster Contest, and her classmate, Megan Santos, took home an Honorable Mention. Click the title to see their artwork.

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  • Read-A-Thon At Hoover School

    The Hoover Elementary School community is participating in a Read-A-Thon from February 16, 2015 to February 27, 2015. It is an exciting and easy way for our students and parents to get interested about reading with the added bonus of raising funds for educational and entertainment programs in our school. Click the title to visit our Read-A-Thon page and make a donation.

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  • Hoover School Orchestra Plays for the Residents of Brookside Gardens

    On Tuesday, December 23, 2014, members of the Hoover School String Orchestra and Band performed for the senior residents of Brookside Gardens. The String Orchestra performed the following selections: Falling Snowflakes, Huron Carol, French Folk Song, and Dreidel, Dreidel. The Band performed the following selections: Jolly Old St. Nicholas, Good King Wenceslas, and Jingle Bells. The students were excited to share their talents with community members, and spread holiday cheer.

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  • Noetic Learning Math Contest

    On November 14, 2014, seventy students from Hoover Elementary School competed in the Noetic Learning Math Contest. Noetic Learning Math Contest is a national elementary math problem solving contest held twice a year. 19,367 young mathletes representing 1,279 teams across the country participated in this year’s fall contest. Click the title to read more.

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  • Fire Safety Winner

    Hoover School student, Krit Jain, was the town-wide winner for first-grade in the Bergenfield Fire Department’s Annual Fire Safety Poster Contest. During October, members of the Bergenfield Fire Department visited the elementary schools to teach the students about fire prevention and safety. Following the presentations, students created posters based on the theme, “Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives.” As the winner of the poster contest, Krit and his parents were driven to school on a fire truck. They were accompanied by Fireman Adam Marchick and greeted upon arrival to school by students and the faculty.

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  • Compassion Project

    This November the students of Hoover School have been learning about the character trait of compassion. The students of Mrs. Roth’s third grade class have learned that people can show their compassion for others by saying something kind or doing something helpful, whether that be helping family members or spending time with those who may need companionship. To put their lessons into action, Mrs. Roth’s third graders planned a visit to Brookside Gardens, located next to Hoover School, to spend time with the senior citizen residents. In preparation, the students gathered books to read, created Thanksgiving cards, and thought about what they might talk about with the senior citizens. On November 25th, the students were warmly greeted at Brookside Gardens. They sung a hello song to the residents that had gathered as a prologue to their visit. The students were eager to find someone to read to, and before long all 16 third graders were seated next to one or more seniors who hung on every word the students read. Upon finishing their books, the students challenged their reading buddies to a game of tic-tac-toe. The smiling faces of both the residents and students revealed how much everyone enjoyed the visit. As the students said goodbye to their new friends, many of them shared their desire to go back and visit again. They realized that showing compassion feels just as good as receiving it.

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