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    Tara Schneider
    Director of Curriculum Development
    201-385-8600 ext. 1917

    English Department
    201-385-8600 ext. 1244

    First Name Last Name Email Ext Courses
    Christopher Adams cadams@bergenfield.org 1701 AP Language & Composition, Visual Literacy, Class of 2017 Advisor
    Susan Baez sbaez@bergenfield.org 1706 English 9 Honors, English 11, National English Honor Society advisor
    Eddie Baldwin hbaldwin@bergenfield.org AP Human Geography, AP Literature & Composition, Capstone Foundations, Writing Center coordinator, Quiz Bowl advisor
    Lucia Budhai lbudhai@bergenfield.org 1714 CI English, CI Social Studies, CI Transition & In-Class Resource - English
    Lisa Churn lchurn@bergenfield.org 1719 English 10 Honors & English 10
    Karen DiPasquale kdipasquale@bergenfield.org 1725 English 10 & Public Speaking
    Joan Froehlich jfroehlich@bergenfield.org 1733 Research & Writing, English for New Americans A, B & C, Taiko Drumming Club Advisor, Literary Magazine Advisor
    Brian Hayden bhayden@bergenfield.org 1736 English 9 Honors, English 11, National English Honor Society advisor
    Warreen Heede wheede@bergenfield.org 1737 English Composition, English 9
    Amber Hilburn ahilburn@bergenfield.org 1739 AP Literature & Composition, English 11, Peer Transition Advisor
    Kate Holzein kholzein@bergenfield.org English Composition, Literary Magazine Advisor
    Leonard Hort lhort@bergenfield.org 1741 English 11, Creative Writing
    Anna Papageorgiou apapageorgiou@bergenfield.org In-Class Resource - English, Journalism, Academic Support, Bear Facts Advisor, Dance Team Advisor
    Jennifer Sant Anna jsantanna@bergenfield.org English 10, English Lab, JV Girls' Soccer Coach
    Karen Wiseman kwiseman@bergenfield.org 1791 English 9 SI, English 11 SI, English Composition SI, In-Class Resource English 11