How can I meet with my child's teachers?
    You may contact your child's teacher directly by calling the Main Office at (201)385-8847 or through email. You can also contact your child's counselor to arrange a team meeting, where you can meet with your child's academic teachers at one time.

    What should I do if I did not receive my child's progress report or report card?
    Contact your child's counselor if you do not receive a progress report or report card.

    Please Note: If you have moved, and have not been receiving progress reports/report cards, please contact the Guidance Office or your child's counselor as soon as possible to ensure that these documents are sent to your most current address.

    What should I do if my child is going to be absent for an extended period of time?
    Extended Absence
    Any prolonged health-related absence is to be reported to the school by the third day. If a student will be absent from school for a period of two weeks due to an indicated acceptable excuse, a parent/guardian may request work in writing from the Guidance Department. If the student does not return on schedule, he/she will be dropped from the school roster and readmission will require re-registration.
    Make-up Work
    It is the student’s responsibility to complete any assignments and make up any tests missed in case of absence. Utilize http://www.HomeworkNow.com.
    When can my child attend Homework Clinic or Peer Tutoring?
    Homework Clinic and Peer Tutoring are after school programs that your child can attend for help with homework and studying. Please check the list of the days, times and locations that these programs meet.

    To sign up for Peer Tutoring, your child will need a permission slip. Please have him/her see their counselor for this permission slip.

    To attend Homework Clinic, there is no permission slip needed, as this is a voluntary program. Your child can attend Homework Clinic on any of the days listed.

    What should my child do if he/she forgets something at home (such as lunch money, etc.)?
    The telephone in the Guidance Office is available for students to use if they need to make a phone call home. Students should report to class first, then obtain a pass from the teacher to use the phone in the Guidance Office. Students should complete the sign-in sheet next to the telephone in the office when using it.

    Who will my child's counselor be next year?
    Each counselor remains with their group of students for all three years that the students attend RWB. Your child will have the same counselor for grades 6, 7, and 8.

    Where can I get help in a crisis or emergency situation?
    During the school day, if you are unable to contact your child's counselor, there is also a school psychologist and a school social worker available to help you in an emergency. You may contact Betty Madariage, Kelly Braun or Mrs. Judy Reilly at (201)385-8847 and follow the prompts for the Child Study Team.

    Outside of school hours, you may get help by calling 911, (201)262-HELP, or the Bergenfield Police Department at (201)387-4000.