In order to make a donation, you will need the following information:
    • Basic specifications for your computer/peripherals (ie: Model Number, CPU Speed, RAM, Hard Drive Capacity, CDROM Speed, etc.).
    • Contact names and addresses for donor and equipment.
    • Corporate and Individual donors wishing to donate more than 20 items will need to fax an inventory list containing hardware/software information.

    Please fax your formal request to donate to: 201-385-4102
    Attention: Computer Donations

    PC Donation Requirements
    • System must have Hard Drive, Monitor, Keyboard, & Mouse.
    • Software License Agreements should be included for installed software.
    • We accept laser printers also.

    Corporate Benefits of Donations to Bergenfield Public Schools
    • Streamlines disposal of used or obsolete computer technology
    • No charge to your company
    • Eliminates transfer costs
    • Reduces storage costs
    • Reduces administrative time and expenses
    • Enhances your philanthropic efforts in the communities in which you conduct business and beyond