• Principal's Message

    Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year at Jefferson School. We continue to be vigilant in our mission to develop self-directed learners who are committed to academic achievement aligned to the Common Core Standards. Collaborative efforts from faculty and parents create optimal learning opportunities that develop well-rounded citizens who maximize their unique potentials. Learning in a nurturing environment that is culturally diverse, safe, and secure, allows for all members of the school community to reach new heights of success.

    Jefferson School has a rich history of developing the academic talents of all students. Our faculty and staff differentiate instruction in order to meet the diverse needs of each student. Developing the reading and math skills of all students is at the forefront of our work as educators. Establishing the foundational skills in both reading and math will be the building blocks of academic success in the future for our children. Please partner with our faculty to assist with this skill building at home.

    Our faculty and staff will uncover all options to provide learning interventions that work in directing all children on the pathway to academic success. We embrace technology in all of our classrooms by utilizing SmartBoard technologies and Renaissance Learning tools in our daily instruction. With the use of Renaissance Learning and STAR short-cycle assessments, as well as Study Island, we are able to electronically track student growth over time. Teachers are able to use student performance data as an instructional tool to help students improve performance and deepen learning.

    We are extremely proud of our “Citizen of the Month” program. Each month a positive character trait is highlighted, and students who exemplify that trait may be nominated from their class to become the “Citizen of the Month”. Students are honored with their picture displayed in the foyer of the building as well as being a part of our end of year recognition. Other important programs we take part in include but are not limited to: 9/11 Remembrance, school-wide KINDNESS pledge, Peer Tutoring, Buddy Reader program, “Caught Doing Good”, and Big Brother Big Sister.

    Please make sure to get involved in any way possible with all of the community-building events that the Jefferson School Parents’ Association has planned. These events are perfect venues to take part in and experience “why” Jefferson School is a very special place for our children to learn, achieve, and grow. Our work is rooted in developing a “growth mindset” in all of our students. Carol Dweck said it best when she stated; “effort is what ignites that ability and turns it into accomplishment.” We look forward to a year of strong growth and development with all of our children. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have a question or concern. It is going to be a great year and I look forward to experiencing it with you!

    Best Wishes for a great year!
    Craig Vogt – Principal