• Child Study Team

    Child Study Team - 201-385-6956

    School First Name Last Name Position Phone Email
    District Ashling Flaherty Secretary x1353 aflaherty@bergenfield.org
    District Lucilla Iturralde-Rachev Secretary x1352 liturralderachev@bergenfield.org
    District Lynnelle Secor Secretary to the Director x1351 lsecor@bergenfield.org
    BHS Ralph Duciewicz Transition Counselor x1357 rduciewicz@bergenfield.org
    BHS Kathy Goelz School Psychologist x1356 kgoelz@bergenfield.org
    BHS Fernando Santamaria School Psychologist x1355 fsantamaria@bergenfield.org
    Franklin Catherine Cordes LDTC x3350 ccordes@bergenfield.org
    Hoover Kelly Braun Social Worker x4350 kbraun@bergenfield.org
    Hoover Dana Weeks School Psychologist x4350 dweeks@bergenfield.org
    Jefferson Elisabeth Shoulman LDTC x5350 eshoulman@bergenfield.org
    Lincoln Donna Jones-Schmidt LDTC x6350 djonesschmidt@bergenfield.org?
    Lincoln Debra Melnick School Psychologist x6352 dmelnick@bergenfield.org
    RWB Judy Reilly Social Worker x2351 jreilly@bergenfield.org
    Washington Jill McManus LDTC x7351 jmcmanus@bergenfield.org
    Washington Courtney Vangelas School Psychologist x7351 cvangelas@bergenfield.org