About DEPAC (District Evaluation Pilot Advisory Committee)

    The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) seeks to form a true partnership with all pilot districts as we implement the EE4NJ program. The state Evaluation Pilot Advisory Committee (EPAC) will be the guiding body for this collaboration, and District Evaluation Pilot Advisory Committees (DEPACs) will help inform the state group.
    Each pilot district will convene its own District Evaluation Pilot Advisory Committee (DEPAC) to discuss challenges and opportunities and provide feedback about program development and implementation. The DEPAC will communicate information about the pilot to stakeholders, ensuring transparency of the system and supporting the district in implementing the evaluation framework.
    DEPACs are comprised of individuals representing important stakeholders in the evaluation system and school community. These include: school board representative; elementary, middle, and high school teachers (as applicable given pilot participation); principal; superintendent; central office representative; administrator conducting evaluations; data coordinator; parent; and others as determined by the district. Each DEPAC must appoint one of these members to also serve on the state EPAC and attend monthly meetings at the NJDOE. This will ensure that district-level concerns are raised with the state group, and that districts will receive information shared at the state-level meetings.
    Throughout the pilot year, DEPACs will receive information and resources from the NJDOE to help guide monthly meetings, respond to questions/concerns expressed by the district, etc.

    DEPAC Members Name Contact Information
    Appointed Liaison to State EPAC Dr. Michael Kuchar mkuchar@bergenfield.org
    Appointed Project Director Dr. Frank Auriemma fauriemma@bergenfield.org
    Appointed Communications Coordinator Christopher Langschultz clangschultz@bergenfield.org
    School Board Representative Dr. Joseph Amara drjamara@yahoo.com
    Elementary Teacher Donna Jones Schmidt djonesschmidt@bergenfield.org
    Middle School Teacher Joseph Mastroeni jmastroeni@bergenfield.org
    High School Teacher Gihan Mohamed gmohamed@bergenfield.org
    Principal James Mitchel jmitchel@bergenfield.org
    Representative Overseeing Evaluations Mary Anne DeVivio mdevivio@bergenfield.org
    Parent Dennis Smith dsmith5676@verizon.net
    District Data Coordinator William Fleming wfleming@bergenfield.org
    Special Education Representative
    Dr. Arthur Freiman

    DEPAC Meeting Schedule

    11/16/2011 Meeting Minutes
    11/28/2011 Meeting Minutes
    12/7/2011 Meeting Minutes
    1/11/2012 Meeting Minutes
    2/8/2012 Meeting Minutes
    2/29/2012 Meeting Minutes
    3/28/2012 Meeting Minutes
    4/18/2012 Meeting Minutes
    5/2/2012 Meeting Minutes
    5/30/2012 Meeting Minutes
    9/28/2012 Meeting Minutes
    10/19/2012 Meeting Minutes
    11/16/2012 Meeting Minutes
    12/7/2012 Meeting Minutes
    1/25/2013 Meeting Minutes
    1/29/2013 Meeting Minutes
    2/15/2013 Meeting Minutes
    3/15/2013 Meeting Minutes
    5/17/2013 Meeting Minutes   
    Meeting Minutes