• Groups

    Friendship Group
    The Friendship Group helps children in their social, emotional, and educational adjustment. The group is made up of students who are new to the Bergenfield schools, in need of strengthening their social skills, are interested in making more friends, and/or are positive role models for the group. Activities include working on social skills, values clarification, making good decisions, learning skills such as stress management and relaxation, and turn taking/appropriate game playing behaviors.

    Anger Management Group
    The Anger Management Group helps children explore their anger, learn ways to express themselves appropriately, and manage their level of anger. Students who take part in this group learn a variety of techniques to monitor and reduce their anger, process their thoughts and feelings, and make positive changes in the way they express themselves to peers, family members, and teachers/staff.

    Meeting Times
    Groups meet at varying times throughout the school year. Please contact RWB for additional information, including the meeting schedules for each group.