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Department Teacher Topic
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Career Planning Mrs. Wiseman People Who Overcame Their Challenges
English Creation Myth
English Mythology Project
English Mr. Adams Dialog With An Author
English Mrs. Churn Great Depression Project
English Mr. Heede Brave New World
English Mr. Hort Anglo-Saxon Times
English Mr. Hort Britain In The Middle Ages
English Mr. Hort Poetry Assignment
English Mr. Hort Shakespeare Sources
Health Mrs. D'Esposito Burn Off That Donut
Science Mr. Padilla The Cell
Social Studies ALL Separate Branches, Balanced Powers (Part 1)
Social Studies Ninth Grade House Inventor/Inventions Project
Social Studies Mrs. Aguado People from the 1920's and 1930's
Social Studies Mr. Alvarez American Colonies in the New World
Social Studies Mrs. Brunet Court Cases
Social Studies Mr. Romeo Presidential Domestic and Foreign Policy
World Language Ms. Buendia Hispanic Heritage Month Biography Project
World Language Mrs. Miller Francophone Countries