Language Arts


    Tara Schneider
    Supervisor of Curriculum Development and Humanities
    201-385-8600 ext. 1917

    The following teachers can be contacted by calling the
    Main Office of the Middle School at 201-385-8847 and leaving a message.
    First Name Last Name Email
    Hillary Arrabito harrabito@bergenfield.org
    Jennifer Castro jcastro@bergenfield.org
    Bonnie Corrado bcorrado@bergenfield.org
    Janine Gehshan jgehshan@bergenfield.org
    Darlene Johannessen djohannessen@bergenfield.org
    Jonathan Lee jlee@bergenfield.org
    Martha Martin mmartin@bergenfield.org
    Despina Morrow dmorrow@bergenfield.org
    Chris Saingas csaingas@bergenfield.org
    Andrea Sarney asarney@bergenfield.org
    Matthew Swanson mswanson@bergenfield.org
    Prince Varghese pvarghese@bergenfield.org
    Chris Weninger cweninger@bergenfield.org