• Physical Education / Health

    Tom Curry
    Athletic Director, Supervisor of Health and Physical Education
    201-385-8847 ext. 1401
    The following teachers can be contacted by calling the Main Office of the Middle School at (201) 385-8847 and leaving a message.
    First Name Last Name Email
    Matt Baumuller mbaumuller@bergenfield.org
    Rich Lustig rlustig@bergenfield.org
    Kevin Manning kmanning@bergenfield.org
    Amy Merlo amerlo@bergenfield.org
    Michael Papapetrou mpapapetrou@bergenfield.org
    Catherine Virone cvirone@bergenfield.org
    Susan Wallner swallner@bergenfield.org

    The Health, Physical Education, and Safety Department plays an important role in the educational development of the students of Roy W. Brown Middle School. It is extremely important for them to learn about their bodies and how to keep it healthy.
    We offer a variety of team and individual sports, as well as leisure and fitness activities, designed to challenge the students and provide them with an opportunity to express themselves in a physical environment. Our Health and Safety curriculum strives to stay contemporary with the information our students need in order to lead a safe, healthy, and productive life.

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