Counseling Services

Telephone Number: 201-385-8847
Position First Name Last Name Ext Email
Director of Guidance Arthur Freiman 1350
Secretary Shirley Goncalves 2360
Guidance Counselor Marybeth Iorio 2363
Guidance Counselor Michael Merlo 2362
Guidance Counselor Lana Restivo 2361
Learning Consultant Liz Shoulman 4350
School Psychologist David Roth 2350
School Social Worker Judy Reilly 2351
Mission Statement
The mission of the Department of Guidance and Counseling Services is to assist students in maximizing their potential. Each counselor is specially trained to assist students and their parents in educational and career planning. They are also available to help each student with their individual, social, and emotional development. It is the aim of each counselor to help each student make the most of the opportunities at Roy W. Brown Middle School, to know him/herself better, to develop a positive self-image and to leave RWB with realistic high school plans.
All students have their own guidance counselor who continues working with them for the three years they are in the middle school. Your guidance counselors are here to provide you with guidance and counseling in many different areas. These may include:
  • Academic Planning
  • Problems with school work and classes
  • Social or personal problems
  • Family and home issues
  • Grief Counseling
  • Your counselors can provide individual or group counseling, depending on the situation.
Meeting with Your Counselor
Your counselors are available to meet with you before school, during the day, and after school. If you need to speak with your counselor during the school day, please report to your class first for attendance and then ask your teacher for a pass to the Guidance Office.

School Psychologist
The School Psychologist works with students in both the general education and special education setting, completes psychological/cognitive evaluations, sees students for counseling, and works with the staff and students on reducing bullying. The School Psychologist is involved in handling crisis situations and is available to formulate behavior management systems for classrooms and individual students. For more information on groups, please click here.

School Social Worker
The School Social Worker is available to any students and families in crisis, as well as to students with special needs.
*If a parent/guardian does not wish for his/her child to participate in counseling groups,
a written letter must be sent to the Guidance Office at the start of the school year.*
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