Committee & Liaison Assignments

    Committee Assignments
    Committee Chairperson Member
    Athletics/Extracurricular Activities Jaeger Ruiz-Catala
    BCSBA/NJSBA Representatives Ryder Reynoso
    BEA Negotiations Reynoso Ruiz-Catala
    Board and Administration Amara Ryder
    Education Programs Jaeger Reynoso
    Facilities Jaeger Ruiz-Catala
    Finance Jaeger Amara
    Mayor and Council Liaison Ryder Reynoso
    Personnel and Grievances Ryder Amara
    Policy Ruiz-Catala Reynoso
    Professional Services Ruiz-Catala Jaeger
    Public Relations Amara Ryder
    Sustainability Reynoso Jaeger
    Technology Amara Ruiz-Catala

    School Liaison Assignments
    School Member
    Franklin Ryder
    Hoover Reynoso
    Jefferson Jaeger
    Lincoln Ruiz-Catala
    Washington Amara
    Roy W. Brown All
    High School All
    * President is ex-officio member of every committee