• Committee & Liaison Assignments

    Committee Assignments
    Committee Chairperson Member
    BCSBA/NJSBA Representatives Ryder Cortez
    BEA Negotiations Messina Jaeger
    Board & Administration Ryder Amara
    Education Programs Jaeger Cortez
    Facilities Messina Jaeger
    Finance Messina Jaeger
    Mayor and Council Liaison Cortez Ryder
    Personnel and Grievances Ryder Amara
    Policy Cortez Jaeger
    Professional Services Ryder Messina
    Public Relations Cortez Amara
    Sustainability Cortez Amara
    Technology Cortez Amara

    Liaison Assignments
    School Liaison Assignment Member
    Hoover Jaeger
    Jefferson Messina
    Lincoln Cortez
    Washington Amara
    Roy W. Brown All
    High School All

    * President is ex-officio member of every committee