About the School

  • The Franklin School community believes in its mission and purpose- educating the whole child by promoting literacy, good character, and implementing curriculum to meet state standards.

    Faculty collaboration continues developing the many initiatives and strategies that are necessary in meeting the needs of our diverse student population. All initiatives focus on students and provide for a child centered learning environment. The use of diverse teaching styles and techniques-- cooperative learning, collaborative teaching, flexible grouping, inclusion and technology are fused into instruction to meet the demands of cultural diversity. Performance measures are designed to gauge how the District goals, objectives and the New Jersey Student Learning Standards are met. Annual results of assessments were used to compare student performance and progress. These assessments tracked student performance and progress. Data was disseminated to staff for review and skill implementation.

    Franklin School places literacy high on its list of academic goals. It is presented as a Language Arts Literacy program, supplemented by trade books, recreational reading, incentive programs, book fairs, classroom libraries and total reading immersion in all subject areas. Franklin School’s aim is to make its students life time readers.

    Franklin’s School classrooms are equipped Internet access; smartboards and each student will have a Chromebook assigned to them to use in class as necessary. Students will research, write, prepare oral presentations, reinforce prior learning and instruction using these computers.

    Franklin School continues to be proud of its close relationship with our parents. Through on-going parent/teacher communication, the Parents’ Association and a functioning School Site Based Council parents can be participants in the learning process. Parents are our partners in the education of their children.

    Innovative teaching styles and methods, creative teachers, and a close parent/teacher relationship, have made Franklin School a successful learning environment.