• Breakfast Program

    Although the best place to have breakfast and to spend some quality time in the morning is at home, Hoover School will be sponsoring a Breakfast Program. Breakfast will consist of a choice of an assortment of cereals, PopTarts, or bagel stuffed with cream cheese. Breakfast also includes fruit juice, and a choice of 1% or 1% chocolate milk. All students are invited. Money will be collected the last Thursday of the month for the following month.

    There are three ways to be part of the program:
    1. If you receive free lunch you automatically receive breakfast.
    2. If you receive reduced lunch you can be part of the breakfast program for $.30 a day.
    3. You can purchase breakfast at $1.25 a day.
    1. Students who are participating will be allowed to enter school at 8:00 am to eat their breakfast and to be ready to start the school day at 8:30 am.
    2. Those students in early morning programs (choir and Gifted and Talented Visual Arts Program) will be allowed to enter school at 7:45 am to eat their breakfast so they will be ready to start their special program at 8:00 am. If you do not enter at that time you will not receive your breakfast.