• About The School

    The mission of Jefferson School is to create a safe environment that promotes a lifelong love of learning, and to promote the academic, social and emotional development of a varied student body, while creating well rounded citizens. The cooperative efforts of outstanding teachers, involved parents, and energetic students make Jefferson School an exciting place to learn and teach. Connections between the daily experiences of the children and the instructional program delivered at Jefferson School create a context for learning that maximizes the impact of the education of the children.

    Preparation of students for the NJASK is an integral part of the academic program at Jefferson School. Rather than limiting the curriculum to a test driven set of narrow goals, the faculty works to enrich the curriculum and experience of the students. Utilizing creative instructional methods and differentiating instruction to meet the learning needs and learning styles of the students, the children have traditionally achieved great success. The faculty members have worked together to develop their computer literacy and find applications of technology that fit within the curriculum.

    Attention to pedagogy and the variety of available instructional strategies useful in the classroom remain at the forefront of the professional development activities of Jefferson School faculty members. Teachers attend numerous conferences and workshops to learn new methods and hone their skills as artful instructors. The collaboration between the teaching staff is essential in maintaining an atmosphere of professional collegiality. Veteran teachers actively mentor novice faculty to help promote confidence, creativity, and enthusiasm in the classroom.

    Promoting a practical, relevant learning experience is the blueprint upon which instruction is delivered at Jefferson School. Connecting various academic disciplines encourages our students to see "the big picture". Cross grade activities and cooperative learning groups within the classroom encourage students to interact in a positive manner while assuming the responsibilities of inquiry based learning. A shared vision can be clearly seen in the dynamic interaction between teachers on various grade levels. Methodologies, creative presentation ideas, and insightful resources are shared between our teaching staff to help develop the best instructional programs possible for our diverse student body. Promoting our school as a learning community center encourages parental and community involvement in the educational process. The partnership between the school, home, and local community succeeds in strengthening the learning experience for all children.

    Jefferson School encourages literacy for our students in all grade levels. A reading incentive program encourages our students to develop and nurture a love of reading. Our students are involved in a handwriting program that enables each student to develop handwriting skills that lead to proficiency in cursive writing before they graduate from fifth grade. Our students are encouraged to express themselves creatively in the written word. Our school halls and bulletin boards are lined with samples of fictional and non-fictional student writing. Communication skills are essential in today's world. At Jefferson School we work tirelessly to prepare our students to assume an active role as young men and women who can communicate thoughts and ideas accurately with confidence.

    Our school district has incorporated the Every Day Math program into grades K-5. The program promotes math skills in three phases; beginning skills, developing skills, and secure skills. Each grade level covers a variety of math skills that build on skills introduced the previous year. The program approaches math from a practical perspective while promoting higher order thinking skills and problem solving strategies. The program prescribes an approach that challenges students on various levels by utilizing creative methods of math instruction.

    Promoting citizenship is an important goal at Jefferson School. Students are involved in a Fifth Grade Community Service Program and various activities around school and in the local community. Our students are taught to understand and appreciate the responsibilities of citizenship. Our drives to support the Tsunami Relief effort and the Hurricane Katrina Fund as well as local situations where help and support have been forthcoming from our students and their families have directly shown that our students accept the responsibilities associated with citizenship on local, national and global levels.

    Our school climate goals for the district and community are being met with enthusiastic support. Our Parents' Association actively plans and organizes activities that involve our students and their families. Movie Nights, Family Bingo Nights, the Halloween Festival, the Thanksgiving Feast, the Author Day Program, and various educational assemblies are created to encourage family awareness and promote a positive climate within the school community.

    Jefferson School is a place where academic pursuits, social development, and community awareness are enthusiastically promoted through the efforts of charismatic students, dedicated teachers, and an involved community. It is a place where children come to school knowing that they will be safe, appreciated, and learn.