Tardiness Policy (8053)
The following policy on tardiness was adopted by the Board of Education and may be found in the Policy Manual:

Training for punctuality is a joint function of the home and the school in preparation for later life in the industrial, business, or professional world. In establishing a policy to govern this was recognized that the training is a progressive learning and that punishment of offenders must always take into consideration age and the number of previous incidents. Tardiness will therefore be handled as follows:

1st thru 3rd - No punishment or notice except in register
4th & 5th - No punishment; Parent - Teacher conference
6th - Parent - Principal - Teacher conference

Grades 1 - 2:
1st - No punishment - parent notified
2nd & 3rd - 15 minutes after school for each occurrence - Parent Notified
4th & 5th - 30 minutes before school for each occurrence - Parent Notified
6th - Pupil will report to school one-half hour for one week for each occurrence.

Grades 3 - 5:
1st & 2nd - 30 minutes after school - parent notified
3rd & 4th - one-half hour before school - parent notified
5th - one-half hour before school for one week - parent notified
6th - Pupil will report to school one-half hour early and will remain one-half after school each day for one week for each occurrence.

1. Continued willful tardiness in any grade may be cause for suspension.
2. Any pupil who is tardy will be required to present a note or tardiness form as required by the school, signed by the parent and stating the date and reason for the tardiness.
3. Any child who is not present in the classroom at the late bell shall be considered tardy. This tardiness is to be noted in the school register and on his record card except in cases of approved tardiness for religious obligations, in which cases the school must be notified in writing the day before the tardiness occurs.
4. Pupils who are tardy during extremely bad weather or failure of their normal means of transportation shall be recorded tardy, but NOT punished.