Principal's Message

  • Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year here at Jefferson School. It is AMAZING to be back and working together with all of our students. We are so proud of our relationship with our learning community and are thankful for the opportunity to work with our students each day.

    We proved beyond a shadow of a doubt during the pandemic that “Together, We Can Do Anything!” Now that we are back, we are building on our theme of “Improving Everyday.” Please look at the school year as a marathon and not a sprint. We are laser focused on small, incremental improvements in our foundational skills in each subject area. Another area of high importance is the social, emotional well being of our children. To say our children have been through a lot is an understatement. We are excited with the roll out of our new SEL program, along with having our guidance counselor here full time, to help guide our children to become the confident, strong children we want them to become.

    Our academic program aligns with the NJSLS to help prepare our children for a strong transition as they gradually move into the MS. With a distinct focus on developing and strengthening foundational skills in all subject areas, we push everyday for maximum effort to improve everyday. Marathons take a long time to complete. Treat the school year just like that and let's enjoy the journey towards improvement.

    Finally, as a strong community school, we are thrilled to have such incredible parent support to help raise funds, coordinate fun activities, and to partner with to enhance our children's educational experience. Be sure to join the JSPA to have a say in, participate in, and enjoy the quality experiences at Jefferson School. Year after year we promote a simple phrase that we try to live out as educators, students, and parents, WORK HARD AND BE KIND.

    Craig Vogt