Accelerated Learning Program
    The purpose of this special program is to provide an extra educational opportunity to 4th and 5th grade students. Admission to the program is competitive. Accepted students must demonstrate the highest degree of academic talent and learning readiness. Each year, each student will be evaluated again for acceptance into the program. This extra commitment of time and energy involved a contract between child/parent and school. This program was developed to expose our academically talented students to a challenging level of achievement involving critical thinking, problem solving, physical models, and computers.

    Basic Skills Program
    Bergenfield's Basic Skills Improvement Program offers remedial instructions for students in grades K-12 in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The results of the annual assessment of all students, through the use of commercial and/or district designed generated tests in these thee academic areas (reading, writing, mathematics), and teacher input, are the basis for determining the student's possible inclusion in the program. The goal of the program is to strengthen the skills and concepts needed for success on the statewide Grade 3-5 assessment (NJSLA) and prepare students for future success on these assessments.  Individualized instructions is provided in a small group setting utilizing a variety of teaching strategies and materials.

    Elementary ESL Program
    The elementary ESL program is a pull out program to meet the needs of those students for whom English is their second language. Instructions in listening, speaking, and writing is provided. The students learns in a non-threatening environment and is given instructions in survival and content area language skills. Throughout the program the student is encouraged to share, compare, and contrast his/her native culture and heritage with those of his/her classmates. The students' ethnicity is valued thereby hoping to empower them in this multicultural society.

    Elementary World Language Program
    An elementary program in Spanish is offered in the third, fourth and fifth grade grades to all students. The New Jersey Department of Education requires that all students should be given an opportunity to study a world language and in order to become proficient in communication in a second language and to provide multilingual and multicultural resources for American and International business and organizations based in the state of New Jersey.

    The elementary program in Spanish is a cumulative, spiraling, continuous sequence program of instruction which is based on the New jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for World Languages.