• Parents' Association

    Denise Biggins
    Janet Doyle

    Christine Vido
    Shannon Donegan
    Laura Morrell

    The Lincoln School Parents' Association (LSPA) is a group of parents working together to improve the quality of our children's education. Every parent or legal guardian of a child at Lincoln School is regarded as a member.

    The LSPA is a service organization which provides many different activities for our school. It is the LSPA that makes the early morning phone calls if there is an emergency closing. We run the Plant Sale, Book Fair, and Holiday Gift Fair. We coordinate the Helping Hands program, and assist the Bergenfield police Department in the fingerprinting program.

    Through our fundraising activities (Cherrydale Farms, Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, Box Tops for Education, etc.), we are able to purchase needed items for our school and sponsor enrichment programs which are educational as well as fun. These programs are presented in an assembly to our children.

    This is only a short list of what we do. Every committee, no matter how big or small, is vital to all our children and our school. Parent appreciation is appreciated at all levels.

    Getting involved in the LSPA is easier than you think. Our meetings are listed on the monthly calendar sent home at the beginning of each month. Or you can watch for the agenda/notice of the monthly meeting. Maybe you would like to speak with your child's teacher who can get you in touch with an officer of the LSPA. Whatever the route, take it. We can only be as good as our volunteers. Remember, men are parents, too, and are always welcome.