• Curriculum Department Phone List

    First Name Last Name Phone Email Position
    Ligia Alberto 1374 lalberto@bergenfield.org Director of Assessment, Teaching and Learning; Director of the Alternative School
    Carmen Archetto 1258 carchetto@bergenfield.org Supervisor - Math/K-12 Basic Skills
    Shane Biggins 2301 sbiggins@bergenfield.org RWB Middle School Principal
    Lorry Booth 1364 lbooth@bergenfield.org Director of Special Education Services
    Tom Curry 1401 tcurry@bergenfield.org Director of Athletics/Phys Ed/Health
    James Fasano 1301 jfasano@bergenfield.org Bergenfield High School Principal
    William Fleming 4301 wfleming@bergenfield.org Hoover School Principal
    Jacqueline Gagliardo 1350 jgagliardo@bergenfield.org Director of Guidance Counseling and Support Services
    Thomas Lawrence 7301 tlawrence@bergenfield.org Washington School Principal
    Zoe Lloyd 1375 zlloyd@bergenfield.org Supervisor - World Language/Bilingual/ESL
    James Mitchel 6301 jmitchel@bergenfield.org Lincoln School Principal
    Steve Neff 1374 sneff@bergenfield.org Supervisor of Science and Art
    Robert Ragasa 1302 rragasa@bergenfield.org Assistant BHS Principal, Supervisor of Business & Technology, 9th Grade Academy Coordinator
    Dominick Rotante 2302 drotante@bergenfield.org RWB Middle School Assistant Principal
    Tara Schneider 1917 tschneider@bergenfield.org Supervisor of Curriculum Development and Humanities
    Everett Thompson 3301 ethompson@bergenfield.org Franklin School Principal
    Craig Vogt 5301 cvogt@bergenfield.org Jefferson School Principal