Curriculum Department Phone List

First Name Last Name Phone Email Position
Ligia Alberto 1374 Director of Assessment, Teaching and Learning
Carmen Archetto 1258 Supervisor - Math/K-12 Basic Skills
Shane Biggins 2301 RWB Middle School Principal
Lorry Booth 1364 Director of Special Education Services
Tom Curry 1401 Director of Athletics/Phys Ed/Health
James Fasano 1301 Bergenfield High School Principal
William Fleming 4301 Hoover School Principal
Arthur Freiman 1350 Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Thomas Lawrence 7301 Washington School Principal
Zoe Lloyd 1375 Supervisor - World Language/Bilingual/ESL
Brian Long 1303 Interim Supervisor of Alternative School
James Mitchel 6301 Lincoln School Principal
Robert Ragasa 1302 Assistant BHS Principal, Supervisor of Business & Technology, 9th Grade Academy Coordinator
Dominick Rotante 2302 RWB Middle School Assistant Principal
Tara Schneider 1917 Director of Curriculum Development
Everett Thompson 3301 Franklin School Principal
Craig Vogt 5301 Jefferson School Principal