• Diabetes Care Tasks at School
    What Key Personnel Need to Know

    The American Diabetes Association is pleased to make available the third edition of our training modules for school personnel: Diabetes Care Tasks at School: What Key Personnel Need to Know. The modules have been updated to enhance usability and reflect new technologies that have evolved since the first publication in June 2003.
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    Opening Statement
    01. Diabetes Basics
    02. Diabetes Medical Management Plan
    03. Hypoglycemia
    04. Hyperglycemia
    05. Blood Glucose Monitoring
    06. Glucagon Administration
    07. Insulin Basics
    08. Insulin By Syringe And Vial
    09. Insulin By Pen
    10. Insulin By Pump
    11. Ketones
    12. Nutrition And Physical Activity
    13. Legal Considerations
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