• 9th Grade Academy

    The ninth grade academy was established with several goals in order to assist incoming freshman with the overall adjustment to high school. The main priority is to decrease the rate of student failures freshman year and create a learning experience conducive to meeting the academic, emotional and social needs of students. The concept of teaming reflects the environment students are accustomed to in middle school, and thus allows for an easier initial transition. Students are assigned to teams consisting of core subject area teachers in order to allow for collaborative planning and commonality. Teams meet weekly to discuss concerns and issues in the classroom. The core academic classes are housed in one wing in order to provide students with a smaller learning community, and a sense of security. The atmosphere is enhanced with banners promoting positive statements and phrases. Several assemblies including recognition of student achievement will take place to reinforce the goals of the academy. Continuous parental involvement is crucial to the success of the students. Conferences and phone calls keep the teachers, counselor and parents in close contact thus keeping the students progress up to date at all times. The ninth grade academy is a collaborative system aimed at the overall success of every freshman student at Bergenfield High School.