Social Studies


    Tara Schneider
    Supervisor of Curriculum Development and Humanities
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    Social Studies Department
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    National Honor Society

    First Name Last Name Email Ext Courses
    Sandra Aguado saguado@bergenfield.org 1702 US History I, US History I Honors
    George Alvarez galvarez@bergenfield.org 1705 AP US History, US History II, US History II Honors
    Maura Boeri mboeri@bergenfield.org Personal Finance/Economics 9, Economics, AP Microeconomics
    Jennifer Brunet jbrunet@bergenfield.org 1713 US History II, US History II Honors, AP Government & Politics, National Honor Society Advisor
    Tara Conklin tconklin@bergenfield.org RC US History II, US History I In Class Resource
    Kevin Dela Pena kdepapena@bergenfield.org Modern World History, US History I
    Nick Fernandez nfernandez@bergenfield.org 1713 AP Psychology
    John Farley jfarley@bergenfield.org RC Modern World History, Mordern World History In Class Resource, US History II In Class Resource
    Joseph Gambardella jgambardella@bergenfield.org Modern World Hisotry In Class Resource, Academic Support
    Julia Guttilla jguttilla@bergenfield.org Modern World History, CTE Modern World History, Academic Decathlon Advisor
    Kjersten Lato klato@bergenfield.org 1749 Modern World History
    Doug Lemberg dlemberg@bergenfield.org 1750 US History I, US History II
    Brendan O'Neill boneill@bergenfield.org 1764 Foundations of Human Behavior, Law & the Citizen, US History II
    Christopher Romeo cromeo@bergenfield.org 1772 US History I, US History II