• Elementary Group Programs

    Groups Implemented
    Lunch Bunches
    The elementary guidance counselors have implemented Lunch Bunch groups across the five elementary schools. Lunch Bunches are discussion groups that are formed to provide students the opportunity to share ideas with other students in a non-threatening environment. These groups can be very beneficial to your child's personal growth and development.

    The Lunch Bunch groups consist of a maximum of nine students who meet once a week with Ms. Claydon, Mr. Mahoney, or Mrs. Massey. The groups meet during lunch time for six weeks before new groups are formed. This group gives students the opportunity to make new friends, learn about their peers and about themselves as well. The group encourages students to engage in activities that promote positive social skills in a fun and effective manner.

    Future Groups
    Our plans for the future include starting a Banana Splits group as well as implementing a Classroom Guidance Program. We will also continue to understand the needs of the schools and try to meet these needs accordingly by offering different groups to our students.