• BHS Guidance

    The Guidance Department Mission is to assist students in maximizing their potential. Each counselor is specially trained to assist students in their career and educational planning. They are also available to help each counselee with his/her individual social and emotional development. It is the aim of each counselor to help each student make the most of the opportunities at Bergenfield High School, to know him/herself better, and to leave with realistic post-high school plans.

    Each student is assigned to a counselor upon entry to the high school. Together they work to solve individual problems, plan course selections, review test scores, discuss the student's plans for the future, and to begin to make post-graduation plans and decisions.

    The Guidance Staff has a responsibility to:
    1. Help students discover their own potential and use their abilities in realistic long-range planning;
    2. Make available appropriate educational and vocational materials;
    3. Help students develop decision-making skills;
    4. Help students keep abreast of developments in college entrance and career requirements.
    Students have responsibilities to:
    1. Seek appointments with their counselor;
    2. Use available materials;
    3. Listen to daily notices in Homeroom;
    4. Be aware of school requirements;
    5. Attend college and career fairs/nights;
    6. Establish good attendance records;
    7. Be good school citizens. Each student creates his/her own record.
    Parents/Guardians have responsibilities to:
    1. Help students meet their responsibilities;
    2. Stress the value of regular and prompt attendance;
    3. Make known their hopes and aspirations to counselors and teachers early;
    4. Advise and guide their sons and daughters, but not to project their own vocational patterns;
    5. Participate actively in preparation for post-graduation years.
    The Guidance Staff arranges for fairs with representatives of many colleges, technical schools, and prospective employers each year and helps students in the process of selecting schools to which they may apply. College admission is granted to students at the discretion of the college admissions offices based on the student's academic records, test results, school participation, and the recommendations of the counseling staff and faculty.

    The counselor and teachers are here to help a student get the most out of the high school experience. Students should talk with these staff members and use their knowledge and experience so as to achieve the greatest potential.