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Announcing the Passing of Mrs. Eileen Ryder

Dear Parents/Guardians and Staff:

It is with a heavy heart that I must report to you the passing of Mrs. Eileen Ryder.  Mrs. Ryder served on the Bergenfield Board of Education from April 1999 through December 2020.  In the end, she was surrounded by her two loving daughters Lisa and Erin.

Mrs. Ryder was Bergenfield’s version of the “Iron Lady”.  She was always available to serve our school district no matter the date or time and had an incredible record of attendance throughout her time on the Board.  During her tenure on the Board, she served as both president and vice president and participated in most of the committees.  Mrs. Ryder always put the students first and knew the pulse of the community on important issues.  She strived to be the most prepared board trustee, spending many hours studying agendas, budgets, supporting documents, and asking clarifying questions so that she could make the best decisions on behalf of the students and residents of Bergenfield. Mrs. Ryder originally ran for the Board seeking to improve athletic facilities for our students.  The district was able to renovate the track at Bergenfield High School and the soccer/softball field at Roy Brown Middle School and construct tennis courts at Bergenfield High School during her time on the Board.  I would say that her mission was accomplished.  Mrs. Ryder also served as president of the Bergenfield Swim Club for seven years.

Mrs. Ryder’s long history of service to our community extends beyond her position on the school board.  While her children attended Franklin School, she served as the treasurer of the Franklin School Parents Association, and when her children came to Bergenfield High School, she served as vice president of the Bergenfield High School Parents Association. 

On behalf of the Bergenfield Board of Education, I would like to thank Lisa and Erin for sharing their mother with us over all of these years.  We will all miss her and would like to extend our sincere condolences for their loss.  Mrs. Ryder has made a significant impact on our school district and town.  As a result, we are all benefiting from her selfless commitment to making our school district a better place.

Godspeed Eileen.  Thank you for your service to our community and for being a true champion for our students.  Here is a copy of her obituary:



Christopher M. Tully, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools