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Crayola Color Cycle Program

Mrs. Groves and our second-grade classes are our lead in the Crayola Color Cycle Program. The Crayola Color Cycle program is devised to repurpose used markers rather than sending them to landfills! The Color Cycle program has repurposed more than 70 tons of expended markers in the United States and Canada since 2013. They use the most advanced plastic conversion technologies available today to make wax compounds for asphalt and roofing shingles as well as to generate electricity that can be used to heat homes, cook food and power vehicles.

Please help support our efforts by sending used markers, even non-Crayola brands! Highlighters and dry erase markers can also be included. A drop off box will be located in each classroom to collect the used markers.

Thank you, Mrs. Groves and the second graders, for being leaders in this awesome endeavor.