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Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey : Hoover Finalists Dominate the Fourth Grade Folder Contest’s 2019 PDFNJ Poster!

Out of 4,200 entries, only 32 students’ posters were selected from across the State of New Jersey as finalists for their prevention messages at the Fourth Grade Folder Contest Ceremony. Of those 32, five hail from Hoover Elementary School, which literally dominates the PDFNJ poster, because no other school in NJ captured as many spots on that poster, a testament to the artists’ creative fervor, tenacity and penchant for hard work. According to director Angelo Valente, the posters will be distributed to 4th grade classrooms across the State of NJ in the fall.  Congratulations to: Kyle Choonoo, Valentina Vargas Felix (or is it Felix Vargas??) Rachael Hurtarte, Luna Palau and Angelina Villatoro for a job well done. Pictured below are: (four of the five -  front row - Valentina, Luna, Kyle and Rachael, with Director Angelo Valente and art specialist Charlene Anolik at  the award ceremony). The picture along with individual photos appear on the PDFNJ website; link below.

Image 1

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