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Hoover's Teacher and Author Shares New Book with Students

On June 5, 2018, Mrs. Stefanie Dunnigan, a teacher at Hoover School, and her co-author Tina Traina shared with the students' at Hoover their new children's book, Travel Tails: All Bark and No Bite. Travel Tails is the story of a group of dogs and their encounter with a stranger in the neighborhood. The dogs learn that things are not always as they seem. Along the way, the pups learn about acceptance, respect, and compassion. The story allows readers to relate to the different personalities of the pups, while recognizing the joys and challenges that come with friendship. The entire Bergenfield community is proud of Stefanie and Tina who grew up in Bergenfield, met while attending Bergenfield High School, and remain friends today.  

Travel Tails