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NJ State YAM

Christopher Estiler, a fifth grader at Hoover Elementary School is one of only six Bergen County students chosen, out of hundreds submitted from grades Kindergarten through twelfth, to represent Bergen County in the  New Jersey State Youth Art Month (YAM) Exhibition held in the NJ Statehouse in Trenton, NJ,  where Christopher will be honored in an elaborate award ceremony this March. Christopher’s creativity and penchant for well-thought-out detail enabled him to create a landscape of spectacular pastel peaks towering over fog-filled valleys, using a blocking technique developed by Ms. Anolik specifically for this lesson.

The juried NJ YAM Exhibition, sponsored by the Art Educators of New Jersey (AENJ)is considered “a once in a lifetime opportunity for … art students”, because each of the Garden State’s 21 counties may submit only six of their strongest student artworks, making this the one of the most competitive and prestigious art competitions of the year.  

YAM Exhibitions are held annually across the United States in or around March.

Congratulations and thank you to Christopher Estiler for creating a masterpiece worthy of representing Bergen County in the NJ YAM Exhibition. 

NJ State YAM