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Hoover and Franklin Students Honored in the NJPAC 2021 Spring Virtual Art Exhibit

It is with Bear Pride that we once again congratulate three young Bergenfield artists from both Hoover and Franklin Elementary Schools who captured major visual arts accolades in the prestigious, state-wide, juried, NJPAC 2021 Spring Virtual Art Exhibit, sponsored by the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) and the Art Educators of New Jersey (AENJ), a venerated decades-old partnership. Ordinarily, the award ceremony and opening would have taken place in the beautiful Victoria Gallery located between the grand rotunda and theater inside of NJPAC in Newark NJ, but due to the pandemic it was celebrated virtually.

Congratulations to two Hoover Elementary School artists: Annia Tamayo who was in third grade at the time she created her award-winning illustration; one of two powerful pictures that she composed depicting a baby dinosaur hatchling in a bird-like nest located in prehistoric Bergenfield, New Jersey; and to Coralie Columbo, who was in Kindergarten when she completed her anthropomorphized foods engaged in friendly banter. Both students are prolific young artists who often generate several versions of an assignment-inspired drawing. It should be noted that Coralie also seized awards earlier in the 2020-2021 school year from both NJPAC and the Bergen County Youth Art Month (YAM) Art Shows.

Congratulations to Franklin Elementary School’s Saachi Malhotra, who was in second grade at the time she created her mixed media artwork. Saachi’s rendering celebrates the importance of working together to eradicate all forms of hate in New Jersey and beyond. It should be noted that Saachi spent hours reworking and refining her award-winning rendering with virtual guidance from art specialist, Ms. Anolik. At one point Saachi even decided to start from scratch proving that dedication, determination and hard work definitely pay off.

Also in attendance at the NJPAC 2021 Spring Virtual Art Exhibit Award Ceremony were the students’ art specialist, Charlene Anolik, as well as Michele Saunders, Supervisor of Early Childhood, Gifted & Talented, and Fine Arts.

We are all so proud of the three Bergenfield elementary artists for a job well done.