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Principal Message

Dear Jefferson School Families:

Welcome back!!! Each school year brings about new beginnings, new challenges, and new excitement. I hope this note finds all of you energized and recharged for another challenging and fun school year at Jefferson School. We have embraced the Work Hard, Be Kind mentality. Our students continue to be the best versions of themselves each day. We are continuing the growth mindset model with the challenge to be the reason someone smiles today. Connections to others helps us build relationships and friendships that last. We surround ourselves with those that make us smile and feel good about ourselves. Please join us and help us spread that message. Our staff has been hard at work preparing to start and we are looking forward to seeing the children and what they will accomplish this school year. Thank you as always for your continued support and partnership in helping Jefferson School be a very special place for our children.

A very special welcome goes out to Mrs. Adrianne Klecha who takes over for Mrs. Hildebrandt as our Art teacher. Mrs. Klecha has been in the Bergenfield School district for many years serving as an Art Educator and most recently as a 1st grade teacher at Washington School. Welcome to Mrs. Lisa Koppenal, our new ESL teacher. Welcome to Mr. Jose Llacuna, our new night time custodian. Welcome to Ms. Anifelka Arias as a new paraprofessional. And finally, welcome back Mrs. Conti who has been on maternity leave. A special thank you to Mr. Kevin and Mr. Jose for getting the building ready for children. The school replaced the two boilers with new energy efficient boilers. More energy efficient lighting has been installed in our classrooms. New partitions have been installed in the bathroom next to room 8. The floors are shiny, the lights are bright, and the rooms are clean and ready for everyone to come!

I urge that you not only attend, but become an active member in the JSPA. I have been privileged to work with so many committed, heartfelt parents that want to help our school community and help our children have the best experience possible. Please attend the JSPA meetings each month and help plan for new and exciting activities.

Each child is amazing as they are. We are consistently working on improving something about who we are each day SOCIALLY, EMOTIONALLY, AND ACADEMICALLY. On behalf of the Jefferson School Faculty and Staff, we wish you all the best for the upcoming school year and to PLEASE reach out if we can help in anyway possible.


Mr. Vogt