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October is Fire Prevention Month

An annual tradition from the Bergenfield Fire Department, students at Lincoln School were asked to create posters illustrating a given theme. This year’s theme was all about making sure that we have working smoke detectors in our homes. Students’ artistic work is posted all around the halls of our school. On October 7th, members of the Bergenfield Fire Department stopped by to recognize all of the participants and award those whose work was above and beyond their expectations. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Kindergarten Winners: Mason Shiver, Jack Walsh, & Arianna Santos
Grade 1
1st Grade Winners: Lucien Hernandez, Isabella LaMotta, & Emma Walsh
Grade 02
2nd Grade Winners: Christopher Guzman, Aiden Castellanos, & Amy Salvador (not pictured)
Grade 03
3rd Grade Winners: Marcus Pascual, Alyssa Darby, & Dale Toribio
Grade 04
4th Grade Winners: Hannah Jomy, Kaitlen Duro, & Samantha Kleimy
Grade 05
5th Grade Winners: Deanna Miano & Emi Hackman