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Angry Birds, Happy Readers, Wet Principal?

This year's Washington School Read-a-thon theme was Angry Birds. Students were charged with the task of earning 49 points on Accelerated Reader to reach the end of the Angry Birds trail. All students who completed the 49 points/seven stations were given a chance to play a live-action version of the video game. On Wednesday, June 19th students had their chance. Students arrived outside to find a dunk tank set up with their building principal, Tom Lawrence, taking on the role of the Angry Birds' King Pig. Each of the seventy-four eligible students was given three chances to try to hit the target and dunk the Principal Pig. A dry and overly confident principal sat smugly as the first two players missed. The third student, Kindergartener Emily Y. took aim and was the first to send the Principal Pig into the tank to screams of laughter from her school mates. The soaked principal took 25 additional trips to the bottom of the tank due to the excellent aim and throwing skills of the students, teachers, and even school secretary, Mrs. Bevacqua. Retiring custodian Glenn Davis got the last laugh as he missed with his first two shots only to sink his soon-to-be ex-boss on his third and final shot to finish out the game.